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Flow Meter Piusi K44

Piusi K44 - Flow meter volumetric, mechanical and resettable, for fuel with flow rate up to 120 l / min.


Flow Meter Piusi K44, volumetric liter fuel designed for accurate measurement of the amount of fuel supplied, commercial use only. Reliable, inexpensive, easy to install and can be calibrated at installation.


Strong point:

Economic, easy calibration.



K44: Partial 4-digit resettable (max 9999 liters), 7 digit totalizer.


Technical features:

Measuring chamber in aluminum with rotating disc polybutylene, mouths of input / output 1 "G aligned. Mechanical indicator wheels with resettable and non-resettable total. Flange connection on both sides.

Fluid: Diesel.

Working: mechanical volumetric.

Flow rate: from 20 to 120 l / min.

Accuracy: ± 1% *

Repeatability: 0.2%

Pressure: 10 bar.

Bursting pressure: 30 bar.

Resolution: 0.1 liters.

* In the flow rate range after calibration.


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