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Storage Diesel Tank 5000 Liters

PEF® 5000 - Storage diesel tank for outdoor certified and approved, capacity 5000 liters.


Storage Diesel Tank 5000 liters, real capacity 5.731 liters, for fuel storage approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to Decree 31/07/1934 as well as the further amendments of Decree 19/03/1990, through the Testing Certificate no. 5127/4113 signature 247 of 26/10/1998 and following of 21.05.2009. The storage diesel tank is used in mines, on building sites, by road transport companies, agricultural companies etc.



  • Storage diesel fuel tank with metal key box;
  • Containment basin;
  • Support sloping basin reservoir that keeps the water can escape valve installed;
  • Pre-treated with two coats of epoxy primer şivopsit later with two layers of polyurethane two component glossy finish, RAL 6018 after phosphate treatment;
  • Mechanical meter;
  • 4 meters hose with automatic gun;
  • Electric pump 50 l / min;
  • External level indicator, optional, protect by transparent tube made of pipe with millimeter scale on the side;
  • Ball valve key installed at the bottom;
  • System has an electrical panel pushbutton start / stop pump, final control relay diesel emergency stop indicator for the presence of blood, termination diesel tank indicator flashing and audible alarm;
  • Water filter cartridge;
  • 1 year warranty, customized registration booklet;
  • EU approval.


The storage diesel tank is also available without the fuelling system supplying for engine generators or heaters, with 400 mm manhole, 3" lockable rapid coupling; overfilling prevention valve calibrated at 90%, 1"1/2 vent with flame-arrestor mesh; mechanical level indicator; collector basin, roofing, earthing connection point, drain pipe with closing tap, 1” diesel hose connection. The tank is delivered alongside its use and maintenance manual as well as other certificates complying with the standards in force.

Technical Data Sheet

PEF1200 1106 liters 1250 mm 2100 mm 1600 mm 160 kg
PEF2000 2115 liters 1500 mm 2400 mm 2100 mm 200 kg
PEF3000 3435 liters 1750 mm 2500 mm 2100 mm 240 kg
PEF5000 5731 liters 2100 mm 2600 mm 2750 mm 400 kg
PEF7000 7002 liters 2100 mm 2600 mm 3100 mm 520 kg
PEF9000 8986 liters 2100 mm 2600 mm 4100 mm 580 kg

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