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Fuel Dispensing Nozzle Piusi A60

Piusi A60 - Fuel dispensing nozzle automatic with flow rate up to 70 l / min.


Fuel Dispensing Nozzle Piusi A60, automatic nozzle fitted with an automatic stop the flow when the tank is full. Complete with swivel connector meets the most stringent safety requirements and is in possession of the necessary certifications. The aluminum sturdy and comfortable, wrapped in a rubber protection, safeguarding the nozzle from shocks and makes the grip comfortable even at low temperatures. The protection prevents accidental operation. Available with ends for unleaded gasoline (20 mm diameter).


Strong point:

Automatic stop device with a full tank.


Technical features:

Fluid: Diesel.

Flow rate: up to 70 l / min.

Connections: 3/4" GAS F - 1" GAS F

Beak: 24 mm *

Weight: 1.25 Kg.

* Beak for unleaded Ø 20 mm.


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