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Fuel Filter Piusi Water Captor 70-30

Piusi Water Captor 70-30 - Fuel filter water separator and capture impurities with max flow rate 70 l / min.


Fuel Filter Piusi Water Captor 70-30, water separator filter cartridge 70-30 complete. This provides extra warranty protection for engines that are refueled at the station. A characteristic of these types of filters is to separate and absorb any water present in the diesel fuel. The absorption of water, however, a progressive reduction of the filtering capacity and a gradual increase of the load losses caused by the filter. The filter clogged water must be replaced.


Strong point:

Absorption of any condensate water.



F00611010 - Cartridge 70-30.


Technical features:

Fluid: Diesel, Gasoline *

Filtering capacity: 30 micron.

Flow rate: 70 l / min.

Pressure: 3.5 bar.

Bursting pressure: 10 bar.

I / O: 1" GAS.

* Not compatible with fluids like AVIO.


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