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DICAM GESTWEB® - Fuel monitoring system for the management of fuel supplies, approved by the Ministry of Interior.


DICAM GESTWEB - Electronic fuel monitoring system for the management of fuel supplies, approved by the Ministry of Interior.

Today is very important to check and record fuel pickups, know in real time the average consumption of its own means, as well as the storage tank in order to verify their efficiency and program the purchase of the product in time.


  • Management of 200 means and 200 drivers (max. 700 + 700); 
  • Manages two dispensing pumps simultaneously;
  • Double transponder (MEANS and DRIVER) for a secure and total control of the recognition of the vehicle and the operator;
  • GPRS MODEM integrated in the device (excluding SIM card);
  • Sending of data concerning supply to the "server" via GPRS MODEM, for storing them. The data packet sent to the server contains all the data supply and the current stock of the tank (now - date - the middle - driver - liters - code trip);
  • Ability to view reports supplies from any PC connected to the Internet;
  • Sending SMS alarm (minimum stock, empty tank, etc.) to a predetermined cell, updating stock via SMS;
  • Enable / disable vehicles and drivers via GSM (then from the PC in the office).

Other Features:

  • Container with degree of protection IP 65 has a peephole.
  • Multifunction keyboard (numerical-programming) with backlit LCD high characters.
  • Perpetuo Internal clock calendar, programmable from the keypad of the device (with password).
  • TRASPONDER keychain for recognition HALF (max. 200 means).
  • TRANSPONDER CARD/PIN for the recognition of DRIVER (max. 300 drivers).
  • Personalized management of transponder codes for specific needs eg. create a transponder Jolly, transponder with request driver code + km before refueling or only request Km. paths etc
  • Personalized management of PIN drivers with enabling / inhibition also keyboard.
  • Verification of the veracity Km typed before refueling with possibility to block the transaction.
  • For each supply stores: account number, vehicle number, driver code, Km, supplied liters, date, time.
  • Maximum number of operations that can be stored without downloading data: 400 and server off / non-operational. In this case the data is also sent as an SMS to the phone default.
  • Custom programming of the service station (depending on the type of dispenser: pulse pulser, Rates Start-stop refueling capacity tank, tote, prohibit / permit to supply vehicles and drivers also from the keyboard of the device).
  • Auto-calibration of the pulser for a correct count of liters delivered.
  • Self-learning code transponder, which is Half Driver.
  • Programming block pump for dispensing reached minimum level cistern.
  • Management program supplied with self-installing (with password protection), with average management kilometric consumption divided by, for driver, personal transport, drivers, equipment remote control tanker, data entry of outdoor supplies, etc
  • Managing multi-tank (max 99) with a software-only connection.
  • Archive exported in text format for the analysis of the data with other programs.
  • Software section for management MAINTENANCE programmed media.

On the LCD large always appears the date, the liters dispensed, the stock in the tank and the percentage of memory used for data, and the "field" of GPRS MODEM.

The software supplied process the data gathered, allowing different types of reports, for medium-sized consumer and for scheduled maintenance for the means of transport.


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