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Storage Diesel Tank 20000 Liters

PEFBIG® 20000 - Double wall overground storage diesel tank certified and approved, capacity 20.000 liters.


Double Wall Storage Diesel Tank 20.000 liters overground. Aboveground storage tanks for diesel in large quantities horizontal cylindrical achieved UNI EN 12285-2 standards class products with bulging bottom sheet and carbon steel S235JR UNI EN 10025. Double wall storage diesel tanks are welded submerged certified according to UNI EN 288 and supported by two or more saddles to support closed and armed.

Double wall storage diesel tank with the following characteristics:

  • Internal wall 7 mm, 4 mm external;
  • 70 SELF SERVICE K44 PIUSI pump F;
  • Hose 4 m;
  • Automatic pistol;
  • Cartridge filter water separator;
  • Eurovac loss control system;
  • Capacity: 20.000 Litres;
  • Material of construction: carbon steel S235JR according to UNI EN 10025;
  • Tanks have a large access to the platform positioned above the tank in order to facilitate maintenance operations;
  • The tanks are equipped with saddles made of steel structural support, according to UNI EN 12285-2;
  • Tamuchi flange diameter of 620 mm (500 mm useful passage inside) and gasket for diesel; screws used are in accordance with EN ISO 898-1;
  • Charging Tube 3 "brass ball valve;
  • Gates load limiters to prevent spillage during refueling;
  • Suction hose 3 "spherical valve;
  • Ventilating device (ventilation) 1½, comprehensive protection against the ingress of contaminated organisms and provided with anti-flame mesh, ATEX certificate;
  • Suction hose 1 "(for a possible automatic power generators) positioned at 80 mm from the bottom of the ball valve
  • Return positioned on the top of the tank;
  • Earth rod, 2 m long, 3 m cable grounding type N07VK - 35 mm2;
  • All pipes, fittings, valves, and fittings are compatible valvolele diesel;
  • Delivered containers were tested (at a pressure of 1.5 bar for 5 hours) and ready for use;
  • External surface treatment: blasting at 2.5 (in accordance with EN ISO 8501-1), a layer anti-corrosion protection and a green epoxy enamel;
  • Device control type diesel intermediate space GAL. Signage for loss of storage tanks with flammable liquids double centralina consisting of electronic light (LED) and audible alarm signal output and additional antistatic container for liquid signaling equipment installed in hazardous area, intrinsically safe resistive probe;
  • Self-service pump F. Height 1.38 m MC 70, pump 72 liters / min, suction filter, 4 meters of hose, automatic pistol, user management system for up to 80 users, electric control panel, Key local printer and reader.

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