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Aluminium Transport Diesel Tank 250 Liters

CLOUD® 250 - Aluminium transport diesel tank, capacity 250 liters.


Aluminium Transport Diesel Tank 250 Liters - CLOUD® 250 is used for refuelling operating equipment, agricultural machinery, equipment for the maintenance of parks and green areas, ships, cars, motorbikes and other racing vehicles. Certified by Bureau Veritas in compliance with IMDG 32° 04 and Decree of the President of the Italian Republic no. 134 of 6 June 2005 for the carriage of dangerous goods by road (flammable liquids such as petrol, kerosene, ethanol, bioethanol, diesel fuel, biodiesel), in compliance with the ADR/RID/IMDG standards all over Europe without ADR means or patents.



  • Tank made entirely of 4-mm thick 5754 H 111 aluminium sheet;
  • 320-mm manhole, 1” venting valve, 2” filling plug protected against impact and tampering;
  • With the exception of the 80-litre model, inside the tanks there is a breakwater plate preventing the splashing of the liquid;
  • Capacity: 250 liters.


Fuelling system:

  • Solution 1: it operates by a manual pump for 3rd class liquids having a flash point below 23°C (petrol);
  • Solution 2: it operates by a 12/24-volt electrical pump for 3rd class liquids having a flash point between 23 and 60°C (diesel fuel).


The tank is delivered alongside with its user and maintenance manual, certificate of approval issued by Bureau Veritas, certificate of type-approval issued by the Ministry of Transport and the Commander-in-chief of the Corps of the Port Captaincies, other certificates set forth by the standards in force.

Technical Data Sheet

CLOUD80-G 80 liters 620 mm 570 mm 500 mm 17 kg
CLOUD250-G 250 liters 895 mm 770 mm 750 mm 37 kg
CLOUD333-G 333 liters 895 mm 770 mm 1000 mm 48 kg
CLOUD440-G 440 liters 895 mm 770 mm 1300 mm 61 kg
CLOUD450-G 450 liters 895 mm 770 mm 1360 mm 63 kg

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