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Carbon Steel Transport Diesel Tank 1000 Liters

PEM® 1000 - Carbon steel transport diesel tank, capacity 1000 liters.


Carbon Steel Transport Diesel Tank 1000 Liters - PEM® 1000 is certified by Bureau Veritas in compliance with IMDG 32° 04 and Decree of the President of the Italian Republic of 6 June 2005, for the transport of flammable liquids in compliance with the ADR/RID/IMDG standards all over Europe without ADR means or patents and it is installed on pick-ups, vans and other means allowing it.



  • Cylindrical tank (vertical-horizontal*) made of premium carbon steel type S235JR according to EN10025/93 thickness 30/10, mounted inside a protective structure against clashes and rolling;
  • A 300-mm top manhole with bolts and gaskets;
  • 3" lockable rapid coupling;
  • 2 breakwater plates to prevent the splashing of the liquid (except for PEM 300 and 400);
  • Approved double-action safety vent to avoid any liquid spill in case of overturning with approved safety valve and vacuum breaker;
  • Fuel meter for non commercial use only;
  • Automatic fuel nozzle;
  • Capacity: 1000 liters.


Fuelling system:

  • It operates by a 12/24-volt electrical pump for 3rd class liquids having a flash point between 23 and 60°C (diesel fuel), located inside a metal orange dispensing cabinet RAL 2008 equipped with key lock.


* The PEM300, PEM400, PEM600 versions, with the exception of PEM1000, are designed vertically in order to minimise the space that it uses.

The Carbon Steel Transport Diesel Tank is delivered alongside with it use and maintenance manual, certificate of approval issued by Bureau Veritas, certificate of type-approval issued by the Italian Ministry of Transport, the port captaincies, other certificates set forth by the standards in force and conversion table of the level indicator.

Technical Data Sheet

PEM300 296 liters 770 mm 1010 mm 1150 mm 148 kg
PEM400 405 liters 770 mm 1260 mm 1150 mm 162 kg
PEM600 605 liters 970 mm 1210 mm 1300 mm 237 kg
PEM1000 1000 liters 1035 mm 1325 mm 1810 mm 313 kg

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